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Common Questions About Brakes

Why Are My Brakes Making Noise? 
Noise heard while braking is an indication of brake wear and the brakes should be inspected. Brakes are very much a safety factor, delaying repair can potentially lead to more expensive repairs because worn brake pads can wear down to the metal backing causing damage to brake rotors and possibly Calipers. 

What are Brake Pulsations? 
The surfaces of the brake rotors must be flat and smooth, and both sides of each brake rotor must be parallel to each other. If brake pedal vibration is detected when the brakes are applied the rotors are not parallel and will need to be resurfaced or replaced. 

What Are My Options? 
Brake linings are a maintenance item and are designed to wear. There are three main types of brake pads available for your vehicle organic, semi-metallic, and ceramic each have their own characteristics here at Auto Savers we recommend replacement linings that meet or exceed OEM Specifications.

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